Dadeville, Alabama  |  Phone: (256) 825-0583
Open Sunday - Friday 7a - 2p, CLOSED Saturday
Breakfast Hours: Sunday - Friday 7a-10:45a; Closed Saturday
All Prices Include TAX

We offer a wide variety of breakfast options from hearty omlets to fluffly, made-from-scratch pancakes.  Our full menu can be found below and also downloaded here.

MorningHits – All served choice of a side and bread
Meat Choices: bacon, pit ham, Conechuh smoked links, fried chicken patties, or sausage patties
Side Choices: homefries, hasbrown patties, or grits
Bread Choices: toast (white, wheat, raisin, rye), or biscuit
$1.00 extra for whites-only or poached egg

One egg – one meat                        

Two eggs – one meat
Home Run…$8.00  
Three eggs – two meats                 
Grand Slam…$10.00
Three eggs – Steak & Pancake

Out of the Park Omelets
Three egg omelet served with choice of a side and bread
$1.00 extra for whites only.

Ham & Cheese…$8.00

Cheese, ham, onion, bell pepper                              
Veggie & Cheese…$9.00
Mushroom, tomato, onion, bell pepper

Additions $0.50 for each veggie, $2.00 for each meat

Batter Up
Small Pancake…$2.00
Large Pancake... $3.00
French Toast…$5.00

Extra Innings
Gravy, Cheese, Cream Cheese...$1.00
Egg, Grits, Tots, Biscuit, Toast... $1.50
Meat, English Muffin, Bagel, Cinnamon Toast...$2.00
Western Tater Tots... $4.50
(Cheese, Ham, Onion, Bell Pepper)

Bullpen Biscuits or Sandwiches
Butter Biscuit... $1.00
Cheese Biscuit... $1.50
Biscuit w/Meat...$2.00
Bases Loaded (w/meat, 1 egg, and cheese)... $3.50
Breakfast BLT w/Egg on Toast... $4.00

Oatmeal (w/Raisins and/or Cinnamon)... $3.50  
Biscuit (w/Pepper Gravy)... $1.50
Two Biscuits (w/Pepper Gravy)... $3.00

Relief Pitcher Drinks
Coffee, Tea, Small Milk, Small Juice... $1.00
Can Soft Drink (Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite)...$2.00            
Large Milk or Juice, Hot Chocolate... $2.50
Juice, and Milk Refills Extra

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